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Seminars Presented

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We have presented the following seminars and/or publications:

  • Ÿ Admissibility of Criminal Convictions in Civil Proceedings – Insurance Claims Seminar
  • Ÿ Admissibility of Graphic Evidence – Insurance Claims Seminar
  • Ÿ Subrogation – Property Damage – Insurance Claims Seminar
  • Ÿ Joint and Several Liability/Contribution/Indemnity/Post Verdict Re-Allocations – Minnesota Claims Manager Seminar
  • Ÿ Surveillance Films:   Focus on the Malingering Plaintiff – Insurance Claims Seminar
  • Ÿ Medical Expense Subrogation Rights of the United States – Medicare, VA Benefits, Social Security Benefits, Federal Workers Compensation Benefits, Medical Care Recovery Act, Minnesota Medical Assistance Recovery, North Dakota Medical Assistance Recovery – Claims Association Seminar
  • Ÿ Basic Wage and Hour Laws – National Business Institute Seminar
  • Ÿ Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – North Dakota Municipal Attorney’s Association and Minnesota League of Cities Seminar
  • Ÿ Discussion of Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealings – Insurance Claims Seminar
  • Ÿ Innovative Releases and Settlements – Insurance Claims Seminar
  • Ÿ Constitutional Torts, Section 1983, and Civil Rights Claims – Insurance Claims Seminar and Law Enforcement Organizations
  • Ÿ Minnesota Unfair Claim Practices Act – Insurance Claims Seminar
  • Ÿ Federal Torts Claim Act (FTCA), Medical & Professional Malpractice Claims against the Government
  • Ÿ Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act and many other topics presented to Reserve and Guard personnel in North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota
  • Ÿ Subrogation – Medical Expenses – Insurance Claims Seminar
  • Ÿ Anatomy of a Civil Lawsuit – Minnesota Township Association Annual Seminar
  • Ÿ Indian Country, Courts, and Casinos – Insurance Organization
  • Ÿ Minnesota and North Dakota No-Faults Laws – Insurance Organization
  • Ÿ 1997 and 1999 Editions, Minnesota Insurance Law Desk Book, published by Minnesota State Bar Association – Chapter on Definition and Applications of “Occurrence”
  • Ÿ Defense of Frivolous claims/No-Fault Thresholds and High Permanency Ratings – North Dakota State Claims Seminar
  • ŸFrequent luncheons/meetings presentations on variety of topics